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Welcome to National Fire Ltd – The Passive Fire Protection Experts

National Fire Ltd provides fully accredited passive fire protection services.

Serving clients nationally, National Fire offers full turnkey solutions including compliance surveys of existing installations, best practice design services, & installations in passive fire stopping, fire barriers, & Fire doors. Our professionals are on hand to ensure commercial and industrial fire protection..
We are passive fire protection contractors who professionally carry our expert services within the Commercial, Eduction, Industrial, & Leisure industries across the UK.

Fire Compliance Surveys

We offer fully accredited fire compartmentation surveys ensuring our clients are compliant with current regulations.

Fire Stopping

All of our Installations use manufactures approved systems of firestopping including various fire ratings from 30, 60, up to 240 minutes.

Fire rated ceilings & partitions

We produce highly decorative and modern finishes to fire rated walls and de-mountable partitions.

Fire Doors

We supply & install high quality metal & wooden fire doors manufactured in the UK with full certification on both doors and the installation.