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Compliance Surveys

Fire Protection Compliance

Many property owners and occupier of existing buildings do not have any insight into the potential risk & liability that they are exposed to from a fire perspective and many issues that contravene regulations are completely out of sight.

Often fire compartments are compromised by contractors working in the premises over a long period of time and such issues arise when pipes & cables are installed from one fire compartment to another and no allowance has been made to ensure the integrity of the existing fire barrier, typically above ceilings, electrical/mechanically risers or other out of sight areas. Our compliance inspection service are carried out in accordance with national guidance offering a detailed & comprehensive report detailing if and where any breeches in fire compartmentation have been compromised, giving the client a clear indication of how they can avoid any future liability issues

Natoinal Fire Ltd  due to external funding are currently offering free fire compartmentation/fire door surveys of your property.

Passive Fire Protection Survey

Many building owners & occupiers assume that as they have carried out a fire risk assessment they are compliant with the Reglatory refrom order as a large part of the fire risk assessment should cover the risks of breeched fire compartments but unfortunately in many cases this is not the case as fire risk assessors do not cover “out of sight” areas and therefore reccomend the client seeks “specialist” advice.
The requirement of a “FIRE RISK ASSESMENT” has been the law since October 2006 for commercial properties including Landlords and Tenants, without an assessment you are not be legally compliant and your business is unlikely to be insured for fire.
A large number of people have decided to carry out their own assessments or employ a company who offer a basic service, this is totally acceptable however the question you have to ask your self for these scenarios is “Have they looked at everything” to warrant this reasonability as in the event of a serious event you will be liable and not the resk assor.


If you do not want the burden or feel you cannot be certain then you may want an inspection from us.

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