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Fire Doors


National Fire can offer an excellent service in on-site repair or replacement of FD60 fire doors. Our team has years of experience in fire doors installation and fire barriers and have done so in nearly every area in the country. Please get in touch today for further information.

  • Survey and Advice on your fire doors condition
  • Repairs
  • Replace existing fire doors that have been damaged
  • Install new fire doors in new properties in a range of wood finishes and fire ratings

What you need to know

Buildings are compartmented to delay the spread of fire from one area to another.

The compartments are usually linked by fire doors to allow for passage of ‘traffic’ around the building. Fire Door sets have two important functions in a fire, when closed they form a barrier from fire spread and when open they provide a means of escape.

A well designed timber fire door will delay the spread of fire and smoke without causing too much hindrance to the movement of people and goods. Different parts of a building may be separated from each other, into compartments of a fire-resisting construction.

Any openings leading from them will have fire doors to maintain an effective fire barrier and should prevent excessive transmission of products of combustion which can interfere with the safe use of escape routes.

Every door set is therefore required to act as a barrier to the passage of smoke and fire to varying degrees and minutes dependent upon its location in a building and the fire hazard associated with the building.

Consequently, the functions of a fire door are to provide adequate resistance to the passage of smoke and other combustion products during the early stages of a fire.

Secondly, to provide a barrier to a well-developed fire without permitting fire and excessive quantities of smoke to pass. Some door sets may be required to fulfil only the first function as they may not be subjected to the full severity of a fire because of their location; others may have the main aim of resisting fire penetration as indicated by the second function.

Some may have to meet both requirements.

At present, these doors are specified as smoke-stop doors when required to fulfil the first function and fire-check and fire-resisting doors to fulfil the second.

There are many rules & regulations to comply with, a great resource which may be of help is the British Standards Institute.


Fire Doors

All buildings, whether new or old, need to be compartmentalised in order to contain the spread of fire between different areas. This is where high quality doors come in because they act as joints – linking all the various compartments, which ensures that the flow of ‘traffic’ around the building is not disrupted.

It is extremely important to work with an established and certified fire protection system installer, because a well-built fire door (complete with installation) serves two critical purposes, namely:

  • When closed, they act as a barrier to prevent the spread of flames, gases and smoke, and;
  • When opened, they safely let the building’s occupants escape to safety.

A well-designed door made from timber can easily delay the toxic and life-threatening spread of fire whilst not hindering the movement of occupants or goods within the building.

The Importance of Installing Fire Doors – What You Should Know

Robust and well-built doors can truly be life savers. They help prevent the flames and smoke from spreading for 60 minutes or more (FD60) when a fire breaks out. When fitted by professional fire protection installers, they provide the crucial protection your building needs, giving its occupants more than ample time to safely exit the premises, and for all your ‘critical’ items and belongings to be saved as well.

They have now become a necessity not just in a working environment or commercial setting but also in people’s homes. They contribute massively to making homeowners, employers and building owners feel at ease.

At National Fire, our expert team will not only make you feel safe and secure by providing the best quality doors but also offer a variety of styles so that they blend in seamlessly without compromising interior or décor style.

We offer a number of sizes to suit many applications, while also helping minimise the need to perform any trimming which may otherwise delay installation. We’ll also see to it that each of your doors are fitted as per the correct rating, regulatory and compliance standard (along with accessories if required) in order to optimise their performance.

Even if you’re extra careful and have done your homework to ensure that a fire never breaks out within your premises, what if certain elements are not under your control at any given time? What if a fire breaks out anywhere around or close to your building or one instigated by a natural disaster, making its way toward your premises?

The specialist doors we build and design at National Fire have been extensively tested against all elements. They have been purpose-built to withstand the most aggressive and intimidating of fires for well over an hour. The safety features alone that our fire doors are supplied with can mean the difference between saving and losing a life.

Furthermore, as a commercial property owner, you are legally required to install fire doors as per current UK compliance and regulatory laws around fire safety.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you need fire doors or FD30/FD60 door sets (What is the difference between FD30 and FD60?) installed for domestic or commercial purposes, here are some of the features that come standard with our fire doors installation service:

  • The doors we design are built from a solid timber frame, although for certain applications, we’ll cover them again using fire-resistant glass.
  • Intumescent sealing is carefully applied around each door’s edges, which have been put there to expand effortlessly at temperatures in excess of 200°C, helping to seal the gaps between the door and door frame. This effectively prevents the spread of fire into neighbouring rooms or areas.
  • Within private premises, we typically advise on fire door installation where there is a higher risk of possible fire breakout such as the kitchen or a living room where there are lots of electrical devices.
  • We’ll conduct extensive risk assessments to help you understand regulations around fire safety. We’ll also help you come to terms with the correct FD30 or FD60 door specifications which are appropriate according to the level of fire protection required in your domestic or commercial premises.

Did you know that over 40% deaths during house fires are, in fact, a result of excessive smoke inhalation and not direct contact with fire? This is why all our fire doors sets come with cold smoke seals which are integrated within the intumescent seals.