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Fire Door Maintenance

National Fire Ltd, a fully certified third-party accredited passive fire protection specialist offers our clients national coverage for our comprehensive Fire door maintenance service.

Most people know that Fire Doors are an essential, integral part of a non- domestic property but many do not know that all fire doors have to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that that will protect people & property when they are most needed.

Maintaining Fire doors are a much more cost-effective strategy than replacing them completely or worse still not complying with legal responsibilities.

In the application of existing buildings, Fire doors are generally used in everyday operation by staff members and the general public. It is quite easy to forget that wear & tear begins quite quickly and not really noticeable until the door is in very poor condition and requires to be replaced.

During this period from when the Fire door was new and the noticeable requirement for it to be replaced the door may not be able to operate as it was intended to do so under a fire condition. This situation is obviously dangerous to the building occupier but also causes some liability for the responsible person.

In today’s climate it is imperative that we prove that our fire safety equipment we have in our buildings is safe and has been maintained to a set standard.

As mentioned previously its much more cost effective to maintain fire doors and replace them so fire door maintenance is a great option for property owners and occupiers.

For this reason, we offer a fixed cost service, a price per door to maintain keeping things straight forward and simple to manage.

We will even repair all minor faults and issues with your fire doors within the fixed price so that you know to fire safety compliance is taken care off.

The benefits of Fire door maintenance:

Fixed cost service, enabling better financial planning and control.

Ensures our client’s legal responsibilities & duties are fully achieved.

Regular (6 monthly recommended as per BS 8214-2016) inspections of all fire door assemblies in the location / building.

All minor labour only adjustments and minor maintenance works

We are authorised to offer afully certified maintenance service by the UK’s main Fire door certification body, BM TradaQ-Mark.


Please get in touch to see how our Fire door maintenance service can benefit your business, we operate our Fire Door maintenance service for clients throughout the UK therefore we are confident that w can help.