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Ceilings & Partitions

National Fire can provide a high quality professional installation for all fire rated dry lining systems for which are becoming more and more common in today’s buildings whether it is a simple additional office requirement, a major fit out and refurbishment or a major new construction development.

Our operatives are highly experienced and up to date with the latest systems such as Gypliner, metal stud & timber framed walls, permanent and demountable partitions, as well as being highly experienced with the latest manufacturer’s innovative designs.

Our team are always ready to offer support from the initial design stage to completion and a range of support covering areas such as shaft walls, jumbo stud partitions, dot & dab applications right through to suspended ceilings including the very popular MF system and many more.

Some of our blue chip clients often request office partitions constructed of all glass for that more professional image yet we also excel in all other aspects of installation such as floor, ceiling and cavity applications, and all of our clients have the security and reassurance that through our fire safety division we can incorporate the high quality installation with high quality materials and still ensure that there are compliant with current fire regulations.

Fire Rated Partitions

Once a fire has ‘fully developed’ and ready to engulf anything that gets in its way, it typically attacks the structure of the compartment or fire partitioning walls, buying the building occupants some time to safely escape.

This is where a fire rated partition can prove to be a life saver by creating a compartment or structure which is designed not to collapse and contains the fire for a certain amount of time.

Why is a Fire Partitioning Wall so Critical?

A fire partitioning wall is an internal wall which provides a vertical layer between dividing walls in order to ‘trap’ a raging fire, which are usually not load bearing. All our fire rated partitions at National Fire have been developed as per fire resistance performance standards defined in the UK.

We offer a range of fire rated partition systems which integrate effortlessly with your interior design and non-fire rated systems. We offer fire rated walls from insulation only to those rated for insulation and integrity, offering your fire protection of up to two hours.

With fire rated partition systems now becoming standard in all commercial establishments, we provide a vast range of fully fire rated partitioning solutions.

Rather than provide a fixed fire rated partitioning system to every client, we’ll sit down with you to understand your fire protection needs and the level of fire risk that may be present currently or in future.

Depending on functionality and location within your building, fire rated partition walls might meet different requirements, should a fire ever break out – which we take into account early on at the planning phase.

In most cases, generally speaking, fire rated walls that are used for enclosing compartments and partitioning buildings need to act as a barrier to the passage of fire as it moves from one side to the other. Building Regulations for commercial premises require at least a 30-minute fire resistance rating to all partitioning within the area.

In addition, the walls of your building should satisfy certain criteria including insulation, integrity and often, maximum load bearing capability.

Our fire rated partition walls satisfy all the above requirements and much more – providing well over 60 minutes of fire rating resistance to each partitioning wall. We also offer a high rating on acoustics, if you require your walls to minimise the passage of sound.

Our fire rated partitioning systems are highly versatile while also being aesthetically pleasing. Our completely bespoke dry lining systems and fire rated ceilings come with an end-to-end service, where we’ll provide you with the design and layout plans, as well as support and training throughout the installation process.

Why Choose Us for Fire Rated Partition Walls?

Firewall partitioning in buildings is something that should never be taken lightly, when it comes to improving fire safety within your building. If you continue to take it lightly, then you may be possibly putting your business and lives at risk.

Our fire rated walls and dry lining systems offer complete fire protection for over 2 hours. We are well-known in the fire protection industry for offering turnkey firestopping solutions, incorporating the latest fire protection systems such as metal stud and timber walls, Gypliner, permanent and demountable partitions, etc.

Our expert team is always on hand to offer you the support you need – from the initial planning and design stage to completion – as well as complete support spanning across areas like jumbo stud partitions, shaft walls, dot & dab applications, suspended ceilings, MF systems and many more.

  • Speedy and low cost installation up to [mention distance in metre square] per week
  • Unsupported spans exceeding [distance in metres]
  • Fully compliant with Building Regulations
  • Easy to repair, maintenance-free and pre-finished
  • Easily demountable and recyclable
  • Fully accredited, quality assured build
  • Offers up to 3 hours of fire resistance