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Here at National Fire Ltd, our core values and focuses are guaranteeing security, safety, and peace of mind to customers like yourself. When using a company that is accredited by a 3rd party passive fire protection company, you know that you are only receiving the best treatment, the highest quality, and the most secure products, therefore allowing you to feel confident when purchasing any of our services.

There are many benefits of using a 3rd party accredited company, which we will explore below for you, in order to give you the reassurance that every customer should have.

Passive Fire Protection is accredited by BM Trada, part of Element, who are one of the world leading, independent providers globally. They dominate the market when it comes to ensuring that customers are given a trustworthy and reliable service, that will never let them down. Operating in 30 different countries, they work in departments such as Testing Equipment, Inspecting, and Certification Services.

  1. Increased Safety For the Things You Care About.

One of the first benefits of using a 3rd party accredited company is the safety aspect. How do you know that the products or services being fitted by a company that isn’t accredited are safe? Are they reliable, likely to break, or simply won’t work when an emergency such as a fire strikes? Here at National Fire Ltd, you never need to worry if the services that we have fitted are trustworthy or reliable when put to the test should the occasion ever arise. All our materials are tested by professionals prior to fitting, and the application and installation of the services are assessed as well.

    In a world where purchasing services and goods online can sometimes fill people with feelings of anxiety and worry, you never have to worry about that when interacting with National Fire Ltd. Due to being accredited by an independent 3rd party, who are completely impartial and aren’t biased with their judgement, you will always be assured that what you are buying is legit, and deemed 100% safe to use by somebody else. Gone are the days where you have to decide if what you are purchasing is good enough for you, or whether or not you are making the right decision. Not only will this fill you with confidence that you are guaranteed safety and the utmost security in the event anything should happen, you are also reassured that you are not paying for anything untrustworthy or are wasting money on a product that won’t work.

Is the service you purchased operating to it’s full maximum? Does it have the full lifespan that it should, or does it sometimes appear as if it isn’t working to it’s designed potential? Here at National Fire Ltd, you will always know that no matter what safety service you require in your office, apartment, or home to protect your loved ones, you can be rest assured that the products you are buying are reliable and of the highest quality. Nobody likes to feel like they are at risk, and why compromise with something so important? Safety should never be a worry in the back of your mind, or something niggling away that you are unsure or uneasy about. The services we provide to people like yourself all have a full quality inspection carried out by industry professionals before/after installation too, meaning you will have full confidence in your equipment throughout the whole process.

In a technology orientated time, products advertised online can often be misleading, and often can’t deliver exactly what you need, despite falsely claiming to. Have you ever purchased something, whether this be goods or a service, for it to operate fine for a few months, until you later realise that is malfunctioning and you need it replacing entirely? This can ultimately get pricey by having to install new equipment within a matter of months/ years, and also risks your safety and security. So let us protect your bank account, as well as the things you care about. One of the main benefits of using a 3rd party accredited passive fire protection company is the fact that all of our products are to the highest standards possible, meaning their life spans are long, and won’t need replacing or fixing until a professional in the industry advises.

As outlined above, there are many advantages and benefits to using a 3rd party accredited fire protection company. From increased safety, to more confidence in high quality equipment and saving you money, the list is extensive. Your safety should never be compromised, and the quality and standards of the services bought should always be to the maximum. So why waste time potentially risking the things you care about, through buying ill-made equipment, half-hearted fitted services, and wasting your hard-earned money on low quality goods? Take matters into your own hands, and take the step to guarantee yourself the utmost protection and safety. Fill yourself with the confidence you need and deserve, by using a 3rd party accredited passive fire protection company when it comes to the things that are important.

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